Machete is back in action in the new - and certifiably insane - 'Machete Kills' trailer, which features horndog President Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga in an unusual disguise and Sofia Vergara's killer double Ds. Yes, you're going to want to see this.

What you have to love (or at least appreciate) about Robert Rodriguez's movies in general is that they clearly don't take themselves too seriously, and that goes triple for the 'Machete' films. The first one featured a swordfight between Danny Trejo and Steven Seagal for Pete's sake, so how can you top that? Well, by pitting Trejo against a crazed Mel Gibson is a good start. Or how about having a speedboat flip over, mowing down some bad guys with its propellers?

Or maybe just the sight of Cuba Gooding Jr. becoming Lady Gaga is enough. Yeah, it's that weird.

Rodriguez's sense of fun has clearly carried over to the cast, which also includes a sultry Amber Heard, a buff Michelle Rodriguez and yes, a drinking, womanizing Charlie Sheen (aka Carlos Estevez) as the Commander in Chief. Obviously, 'Machete Kills' is an "I'm in!" or "Gimme a break!" proposition with very little middle-ground.

'Machete Kills' opens on October 11.

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