By now, you’ve probably heard: Mad Max: Fury Road is a modern masterpiece of action filmmaking. But you may not know that Mad Max: Fury Road is also one of the most amazing assemblages of crazy character names in the history of cinema. There’s Max, and then there’s everyone else; apparently when the world ran out of gas, they also ran out of normal names. Charlize Theron plays “Imperator Furiosa.” Nicholas Hoult is “Nux.” And those are on the not-crazy end of things, it gets really weird from there.

Beyond Thunderdome had some pretty crazy characters (Dr. Dealgood anyone?) but Fury Road takes things to a whole other level. In celebration of these absolutely bonkers names, we’ve put together a little game we call “Is This a Mad Max: Fury Road Character Name Or Some Silly Crap I Just Made Up?” The rules are fairly self explanatory: There are 15 names below. Some are actual characters from Mad Max: Fury Road. Some are silly crap I just made up. Can you tell which is which? Highlight the blank area beneath each name to reveal the answer. Good luck and we’ll see you out on Fury Road.

Is This a Mad Max: Fury Road Character Name Or Some Silly Crap I Just Made Up?

1. Immortan Joe

CHARACTER NAME. This is the main villain in the film. Fun trivia: He’s played by actor Hugh Keays-Byrne, who was the Toecutter in the original Mad Max. The Toecutter sounds like a pretty crazy name, but by the standards of Fury Road, that’s like being named “Joe” or “Bob.”

2. Toast the Knowing

CHARACTER NAME. Another real one. She’s played by Zoe Kravitz. It is unclear precisely what she is knowing. Possibly how to make toast.

3. The Junker Supreme

SILLY CRAP I JUST MADE UP. But I have to assume somewhere in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fury Road there is a Junker Supreme.

4. The Bullet Farmer

CHARACTER NAME. Played by Richard Carter. I don’t recall seeing anyone actually farm bullets, but if they did that’d only be, like, the eighth or ninth weirdest thing in the movie.

5. The Doof Warrior

CHARACTER NAME. Played by someone named iOTA and no, that’s not something I made up either; that’s an Australian musician who goes by the stage name iOTA.

6. Cheedo the Fragile

CHARACTER NAME. This is another of Immortan Joe’s wives, played by Courtney Eaton. She doesn’t seem all that fragile, given the circumstances.

7. Bastion Booger

SILLY CRAP I JUST MADE UP. Actually, I didn’t make it up. That is the name of a professional wrestler who worked for the WWF in the 1990s. With his bizarre outfit and outlandish physique, he’d fit right in to the world of Fury Road. (Do a Google Search and see for yourself.)

8. The Subprime Imperator

SILLY CRAP I JUST MADE UP. Sort of a trick question. There is a “Prime Imperator” (played by Richard Norton). But there isn’t a Subprime Imperator. That’s me having a laugh.

9. Capable

CHARACTER NAME. Another wife, played by Riley Keough. Don’t ask me what makes her capable and Cheedo fragile. Also don’t ask me why she’s not, like, Joan the Capable. I have no idea.

10. The Organic Mechanic

CHARACTER NAME. While this is the name of a vegan bike shop in Bushwick, it’s also the name of the character in Fury Road played by Angus Sampson.

11. The Splendid Angharad

CHARACTER NAME. Rosie Huntington-Whitely plays the splendid one. Fun trivia: Huntington-Whitely’s character in Transformers: Dark of the Moon was also named the Splendid Angharad.

12. Da Ace in Da Hole

SILLY CRAP I JUST MADE UP. Because I’m a big Billy Wilder fan.

13. The People Eater

CHARACTER NAME. I’m not sure what makes this guy “the” people eater. You have to imagine that in this post-apocalyptic wasteland a lot of folks eat people. Maybe he’s really good at it or something. Whatever the reason, he’s played by John Howard.

14. Corpus Colossus

CHARACTER NAME. I am not clever enough to invent someone named Corpus Colossus (played in the film by Quentin Kenihan).

15. Strongy-Strong Pauly-Paul

SILLY CRAP I JUST MADE UP. But admit it: after Corpus Colossus and Cheedo the Fragile, you could totally see Mad Max fighting someone named Strongy-Strong Pauly-Paul.