Apart from all the great TV premiering in April, from 'Game of Thrones' to 'Orphan Black,' 'Veep' and more, AMC's 'Mad Men' will also kick off the first half of its final season, thanks to the 7-7 episode split of its seventh run. The first official teaser for the April 13 premiere has arrived, and it looks like unemployment has been plenty kind to our favorite former ad man.

In typical 'Mad Men' fashion, there's only so much to see from the brief spot teasing the final season, though it looks at least like Don has found sunnier skies as he steps off a TWA airplane, donning his iconic fedora amid an unfamiliar skyline. Could Don have joined Pete and Teddy Chaough out West during his leave of absence from the firm, or might the erstwhile Dick Whitman have taken up with another jet-setting agency?

Last we heard of 'Mad Men''s seventh and final season, production at LAX had been halted due to the shooting that erupted at the airport in early November, though it wasn't clear what was being filmed. Lest we forget, "The End of an Era" will see the first seven episodes of 'Mad Men' season 7 airing consecutively this year, saving the final seven of the series for 2015.

Well, what do you think? Will 'Mad Men' keep as secretive as ever until the premiere? What do you gather from the season 7 teaser above?

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