If you caught 'Mad Men's most recent season, you'd know that while the shows season 5 finale "The Phantom" didn't serve up any major twists or turns, the episode prior "Commissions and Fees" took a hefty toll on viewers and the cast at large.  "Mad Men' has always been a show rife with symbolism, but just how early was the big death of 'Commissions and Fees' foreshadowed?

There's no arguing that 'Mad Men's "Commissions and Fees" had us all hanging from the rafters at the big moment wherein the employees of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce discovered that the "Pryce" in their name was no more, as Lane had hung himself in his own office.  Not only were we sad to lose one of the show's best characters and actors in Jared Harris, but to see him have so shocking an end struck a huge emotional cord over the entire season.

We all know 'Mad Men' likes to serve up a little symbolism and foreshadowing as well, but how deep does it really go?  Some of us have realized that the show has always had an obsession with death, and figured someone had to die this season the way Don drew nooses, or stared into empty elevator shafts, but Vulture took things a step further.

Investigating the entire season for all possible allusions, and foreshadowing, the good folks at Vulture have put together a short clip of how 'Mad Men' had foretold Lane's death from the very season premiere "A Little Kiss."  Parts of it might be overreaching, sure, but it's still interesting to see how everything is connected.

What say you?  Were you shocked at Lane Pryce's fate, or did 'Mad Men's symbolism drive you crazy much earlier?  Watch the video, and give us your own theories in the comments below!

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