As any good 'Mad Men' follower knows, series creator Matthew Weiner is notoriously secretive when it comes to divulging details of upcoming seasons. Some scoops can't be hidden, as when two key members of the cast were spotted in Hawaii filming somewhat spoiler-y scenes for what we're told was the season 6 premiere, but what other 'Mad Men' scoops have arisen? Well for one, it seems both Don Draper and the silver fox will be back in the director's chair, as series stars Jon Hamm and John Slattery are set to helm multiple episodes of 'Mad Men' season 6!

While we patiently wait for 'Mad Men' season 6 to make its AMC debut sometime in 2013, we at least know the episodes will be in good hands. The Hollywood Reporter recently spoke to series star John Slattery (Roger Sterling), who revealed he'll direct no less than two episodes of the coming year. Slattery previously directed season 4 episodes "The Rejected" and "Blowing Smoke," along with last year's Pete Campbell-punching "Signal 30."

Jon Hamm is also set to take up directorial duties once more, having previously helmed season 5 episode "Tea Leaves." Slattery spoke of the difficulty directing and reading the scripts only a short time ahead of the other actors, given Weiner's usual secrecy.  "You get [the script] a little in advance of when the actors get it, but only for the necessity of pre-production," says Slattery. "And they used to try to limit the amount you’re [acting] in it, but I think we’ve all kind of gotten a grip on what that’s like, so they don’t have to make as much of an effort."

What say you? Are you excited to have Don Draper and Roger Sterling behind the camera once more? What do you hope to see from 'Mad Men' season 6? As with most 'Mad Men' news, we hope it leads to more of this.