Perhaps even more so than 'Game of Thrones' or 'The Walking Dead,' few shows manage to keep as tight lipped about upcoming stories as AMC's critical darling 'Mad Men.'  Series creator Matthew Weiner manages to pump an impressive amount of secrecy into a series mostly focused on interpersonal relationships, but what's new of 'Mad Men' season 6?  We've already seen photos of an excursion for two characters, but what new (and old) faces will we be seeing around Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce?

Does this mean we'll have to stop making "Fat Betty" jokes?  We certainly hope not, but January Jones is likely to return in a big way (heh) when 'Mad Men' returns for a sixth season in 2013.  The actress' reduced role in season 5 had mostly to do with her real-life pregnancy, but Jones is likely to take a bigger role (heh heh) during the next cycle, according to TVLine.

More than that 'Mad Men' season 6 will also see the addition of several new faces around Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, as the show looks to cast a number of characters ages 20-30 described as “attractive,” “cute,” “flirtatious,’ “sweet” and “curvy."  Don't expect a British presence to have died with Lane Pryce either, as the series has also put out a call for two British businessmen types in their 50s.

What say you?  Are you happy to have more of January Jones (heh heh heh) in the coming season?  Who might our new British friends be?  Give us your 'Mad Men' season 6 predictions in the comments!  And remember: