As news of 'Mad Men's meager season 6 debut ratings breaks, and critics continue to swirl over the dizzying array of symbolism and death inherent withing two-hour premiere "The Doorway," AMC is giving viewers who didn't tune in a chance to catch up. The entirety of 'Mad Men' season 6's premiere episode "The Doorway" has made its way online, so spare two hours and check it out inside!

Reception of 'Mad Men's sixth season premiere "The Doorway" ran the gamut across the board, polarizing critics and viewers while drawing a slightly muted crowd of 3.4 million viewers, but now fans who instead turned in for the latest episode of 'Game of Thrones' can rest easy. AMC has released the entirety of last night's 'Mad Men' premiere "The Doorway" online, in all its two-hour, time-sucking glory.

We liked the episode overall, even as it delivered a staggering amount of information to catch up on after last season finale "The Phantom," but what say you? Do you think Don Draper & co. still have the magic in season 6? Where do you think the rest of the season will take Sterling-Cooper-Draper Pryce?

Watch the full season 6 premiere "The Doorway" below, and tell us what you think of 'Mad Men's latest in the comments!

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