Now that 'Mad Men' has cleared the way for its sixth season finale "In Care Of" this coming Sunday, we've begun to look back on an exceptionally speculative run of episodes that saw fans identifing death omens at every turn and postulating secret agent theories over the enigmatic Bob Benson. Series creator Matthew Weiner keeps the show notoriously spoiler-tight, but what does he have to say about those maddening "next time" promos that increasingly troll viewers looking for teases?

Speaking to Vulture, Weiner expressed his amusement about enjoying parodies of the show as much as praise, but admitted to outlining specific rules for editors not to spoil too much footage of the coming week. "I have tied their hands,” he jokes of the promo department. "And I’m amazed at what they do with the restrictions I have given them. Over the years, it’s evolved into this semaphore of storytelling.”

While initially Weiner sought only to have editors avoid exposing specific stories of the upcoming episode, sometimes even anything beyond the first 20 minutes, the onetime 'Sopranos' writer came to cultivate a similar approach to crafting intriguing, if nonsensical promotions of the following week's installment.

There was the idea of, ‘Can you at least do what they used to on The Sopranos promos, which is to make it look like it’s some other kind of story?’ That required a ridiculous amount of effort and wasn’t always possible, even in The Sopranos promos. Eventually, they sort of evolved into this kind of non sequitur thing.

Weiner's inclination to avoid exposing episodes only continues to grow in the sixth season, as this Sunday's season finale promo offers up zero footage of the episode itself, rather culling clips from across the season. We have our own theories about the 'Mad Men' season 6 finale (can someone please clue Megan in?), but what do you think will happen this Sunday? Watch the promo and give us your thoughts in the comments!

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