What you are watching above is the trailer for Mad Sheila, a new Chinese film that is a blatant and very bonkers rip-off of Mad Max: Fury Road. Unfortunately, we have no idea when or if this delightful film is coming to America, but I’m going to go ahead and put forth the wild suggestion that you could very well find Mad Sheila lurking on a major city street sidewalk sometime in the near future, if you know what I mean.

Countries like Turkey, Italy, China, India and Japan have long, wonderful histories of ripping off major American films with titles like Harry Potter and Leopard-Walk-Up-to-Dragon and, uh, Star Wars (the Turkish one). In the great tradition of those foreign re-imaginings comes Mad Sheila, a Chinese take on Mad Max: Fury Road, which copies George Miller’s instantly-iconic aesthetic right down to the exhaust pipes and the red dust.

Like many foreign rip-offs, this one isn’t really a remake — it’s a weird combination of homage, loving sendup, mock and a Whole Other Thing Entirely, like looking into an uncanny valley or watching your favorite film in the Upside Down. Note the evil villain’s preoccupation with virgins, which is both very much like Fury Road’s Immortan Joe and also…not?

Tencent Video is now streaming Mad Sheila online in China, and although it seems unlikely that the film will make its way (through official channels, anyhow) to the US, perhaps the two (!) planned sequels will change that. Those sequels are called Mad Sheila: Virgin Road and Mad Sheila: Vengeance Road — both routes sound equally treacherous.

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