If your day is dragging, don't fret -- this brand new 'Magic Mike' red-band trailer is sure to liven up your office space with more booty shots than a gangster rap video. If gangster rap videos showed nothing but men's rear ends, that is.

'Magic Mike' tells the story of Mike (Channing Tatum), a male stripper trying to figure out what to do with his life, while showing hot, young protege (played by Alex Pettyfer) the velvet ropes on stage. The 'Magic Mike' red-band trailer gives you glimpse of what this film is really about -- man ass. Lots and lots of man ass.

The Steven Soderbergh-directed stripper film undresses theaters on July 11th. If you're a lady wondering if this was going to be some watered down male stripper movie, then this trailer should ease your worries as you'll see more of Channing Tatum in this trailer than his wife does in 3 months when he's off making a movie.

You'll also see a greased up Matthew McConaughey show off his ripped torso, proving that no matter what age you are, the right diet and 600 sit-ups a day will get stripper loving women to throw lots of dollar bills at you even if you're shopping at the grocery store. Bro.

It's definitely NSFW, but we're betting every woman in her cubicle just stood up to see if their boss was around before deciding to press play to see Tatum's bootyful behind. Check out the 'Magic Mike' red-band trailer below.