It seems like just the other day we were talking about Sharlto Copley, and now it seems he's found a new role. Well, it turns out we were. Not only has the actor recently signed on for 'Oldboy' and 'Open Grave,' he's now in talks to play the lead opposite Angelina Jolie in 'Maleficent,' the retelling of the sleeping beauty story from the side of the evil fairy.

What led to Hollywood saying "Sharlto, Sharlto, Sharlto" (actually, try saying that three times fast) is anyone's guess as he went radio silent after 2010's 'The A-Team.' Perhaps it was because he was getting ready to appear in friend Neill Blomkamp's upcoming 'Elysium.' But we're about to be inundated with Copley projects, it seems.

As Deadline Hollywood tells us (or toldja) the film is being directed by Robert Stromberg, who was the production designer on 'Avatar,' 'Alice In Wonderland' and the upcoming 'Oz: The Great And Powerful.' Perhaps its his time to shine, but there's always a little hesitation when guys known for their craftsmanship like this become directors. Perhaps its seeing one too many second unit directors know their way around an action scene and be at a loss when handling actors.