With 'Man of Steel' currently flying high at the global box office, we can already begin speculation about who we'll be seeing in 'Man of Steel 2'. It's inevitable that Superman's legendary archenemy Lex Luthor will show up, either in the first sequel or the one after that, and just yesterday came the first casting rumor for the role: Mark Strong. So would he be a good fit for the character?

Strong would not only cut a dashing figure as Lex (hopefully he doesn't mind us pointing out that he's bald), but the talented Brit has already taken a few trips to the dark side, playing the baddie in films like 'Kick-Ass,' 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'Robin Hood.' He's also proven his superhero movie mettle with a turn in 'Green Lantern' as Sinestro, and would have presumably been the villain in the sequel if people had actually cared about the film.

So do you think Mark Strong would make an ideal Lex Luthor? Vote in our poll below; and if you've got someone else in mind, please let us know who!


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