One piece of Hollywood talk that's caught on is the concept of "Director Jail." The theory is this: if you get a chance to make a big movie and blow it, you're taken out of the game for a while. For example, Stephen Sommers was riding high after the first two 'Mummy' movies, but then came 'Van Helsing' and he didn't direct again for five years. So the latest news has us wondering: How come Marc Forster isn't in director jail?

We're shocked that Disney is considering him for 'Imagining Nathan' which - as The Wrap tells us - is about "a six-year-old who retreats into a fantasy world after his parents are killed.  Fast-forward thirty years later, his sister tries to help him escape his demons.  As an adult, Nathan has been diagnosed with a condition which causes him to live in a cartoon-like world." Okay, this sounds close to Forster's best movie 'Stranger Than Fiction,' but the question is: How does he find work so soon after the fiasco that is 'World War Z.'

That's the film he's currently working on, which is currently going through seven weeks of reshoots, had extensive rewrites, is rumored to have less than an hour of usable material from the original production and a budget that's ballooned over $200 Million. And this is also after directing 'Quantum of Solace,' which made money but is mostly disliked (that though was hampered by a writer's strike). It's smart to line up his next project before 'World War Z' comes out, but Disney must know about that disaster of a production. Perhaps Forster has a get out of director's jail free card.