World War Z

‘World War Z 2’ Will Devour Your Brains on June 9, 2017
For those interested in film industry inside baseball, World War Z was genuinely fascinating. The production was plagued with one disaster after another, Brad Pitt clashed with director Marc Forster, and the final 40 minutes of the film were completely scrapped, rewritten from scratch, and reshot. A…
'World War Z 2' Tramples Ahead With a Director
Brad Pitt has been suggesting a possible 'World War Z 2' for some time, after the first installment made bank for Paramount, and now the studio has taken one large step forward into making it happen. Director Juan Antonio Bayona has signed on to direct the sequel.
10 Troubled Productions that Produced Great Movies
There's no getting around it: making movies is hard. Like, really hard. There are so many variables at play that it's miraculous most films get finished. The fact that some are great is the best evidence of a higher being. Although every film shoot is tough, there are some that transc…
'World War Z' is Returning to Theaters in IMAX 3D
Despite all of the toxic buzz that surrounded it a few months ago, 'World War Z' has been a critical and commercial success, grossing $470 million worldwide. Rather than just breathe a sigh of relief and plan the inevitable sequel, Paramount is looking to milk their zombie epic for all tha…

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