Continuing the "proud" tradition of Mario and Sonic Olympic games, Nintendo announced Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics during Friday's Nintendo Direct.

The tie-in game wasn't given a release date, but considering the Sochi games will take place next February, a holiday release window would certainly make sense. In addition to returning games like skiing and snowboarding, Mario and Sonic will also enjoy new curling and couples figure skating games.

The Wii U game will feature both GamePad and Wii remote play, as well as other game modes that feature put a new spin on traditional Olympic games. One such event featured the ability to change transportation from skis to bobsled mid-race after passing through a special gate.

More details on Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics are expected to come during E3. Have you played any of the previous entries? Does this next installment sound interesting to you?

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