10 Cloverfield Lane was the surprise breakout sci-fi of last year, surprising audiences who were underwhelmed by its found-footage predecessor. While the Cloverfield series is already developing a third installment disconnected (maybe) from 10 Cloverfield Lane, Mary Elizabeth Winstead says she’s totally down to bring her character back.

While at the Television Critics Association day for Fargo Season 3, in which she’s set to star, she told Syfy Wire that she’d love to bring back her character Michelle for another go-round.

I know that Dan and I would love to continue that story. The anthology series is where they are going with it, so whether or not that ever comes back to Michelle’s story, I’m not sure. But I know Dan always had more in mind, so I would love the opportunity to explore that. If anybody would every let us do that, we would jump on it.

The Cloverfield movies are, in essence an anthology series, with different takes from different places on this alien invasion introduced in the first one. The only thing that ties these movies together has so far been only the aliens — the characters from the original probably won’t show up again in later installments, and neither, probably, will the characters from last year’s movie. Then again, 10 Cloverfield Lane was so well liked that it might not be a bad idea to bring Winstead’s Michelle back, even for a small cameo. The ending of that movie was such a cliffhanger, there are probably plenty of fans out there dying to see where her story goes.

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