Ever since ‘With a Vengeance,’ the ‘Die Hard’ sequels have focused on whom John McClane (Bruce Willis) could be paired with as he attempted to take down the terrorist flavor-of-the-month. Samuel L. Jackson gave way to Justin Long and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, playing McClane’s grown-up daughter Lucy. And while the ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ plans to focus on McClane’s son John (Jai Courtney), new photos posted show Winstead back… in a limited role, at least.

The production’s filming in Budapest and the photos, revealed by MovieHole, show McClane getting dropped off by his daughter. From what we know of the plot, beleaguered New York City cop McClane will head to Russia where he and his son foil a terrorist plot. These images seem to show Lucy dropping her dear old dad off at the airport, possibly in a very early scene.

Will we see Lucy again in the movie? Is this just a bridge from the end of ‘Live Free or Die Hard,’ which left McClane in the care of his daughter? All of this actually has been confirmed by an extra on the set. Actor Ted Cross wrote on his blog, "I got to work with Bruce Willis again, which is always nice. The best, though, was that I got to work with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Willis' daughter."

So there you have it. Winstead's in, for now. Will these scenes make it in to the final cut of the movie? We’ll find out when John Moore’s ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ opens in theaters on Feb. 14, 2013. Because there’s no better way to show your Valentine that you love them then by bringing them to a fifth ‘Die Hard’ movie.

Check out the rest of the photos over at MovieHole.