The vast majority of online featurettes are an excuse for movie stars to blather on about how they think their movie is going to be great. Then you get to see one highlighting the work of make-up genius Rick Baker in 'Men in Black 3' and suddenly all is right with the world.

Yes, Rick Baker is a genius, but we don't need to tell you that. His groundbreaking work in 'An American Werewolf in London' can tell you that. His make-up effects in films ranging from 'Videodrome' to the 'The Nutty Professor' to 'Planet of the Apes' to 'The Wolfman' speak for themselves, really. The man has seven Oscars on his mantle, so it's not like he needs our approval...but this is the father of modern practical effects and yeah, he's that absurdly talented. It just feels good to talk about him and admire his work, especially in an age where prosthetics are falling out of fashion in favor of bland CGI.

His aliens have been the 'Men in Black' series' secret weapon and it warms our hearts to see an entire featurette dedicated to his work. No matter the overall quality of 'Men in Black 3,' Baker's effects are going to make it worth seeing.

One of his "retro aliens" is obviously based on the villain in 'Robot Monster'! How cool is that?

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