One of the best things about the marketing for 'Men in Black 3' has been its emphasis on the actual craft that went into making the movie, not just a bunch of talking heads telling you to go see it. Last week, they released that terrific featurette highlighting the work of make-up guru Rick Baker. Now you can take a pretty deep look at the creation of the visual effects for several key sequences.

The videos are presented by Coming Soon and are a must-watch if you love seeing how movies are actually made. Too many making-of featurettes stray far from the creative process and offer absolutely no depth whatsoever, but these do a pretty incredible job of succinctly breaking down the visual effects process, from initial concepts to animatics to practical shooting to the final computer generated effects. The actual CGI effects only come into play after an absurd amount of planning from a massive team of hardworking (and brilliant) people.

Each video covers the special effects behind a single sequence and is narrated by one of the people who worked on the scene. If you liked 'Men in Black 3,' you've got to watch these for insight into how they made this bizarre world come to life. If you didn't like 'Men in Black 3,' you've still got to watch these because it's just crazily impressive work.

There aren't any real spoilers in these videos, but they do deal with scenes in a movie that just came out, so here's your obligatory SPOILER! warning.