One of the summer's big question marks is 'Men in Black III.' Can a ten year dormant franchise recapture the imaginations of people who probably would rather forget that the second film ever happened? Is the love for the first film enough to get people come back? Is the film as bad as its rumored? Is Will Smith's star in jeopardy? We'll know more shortly (the film begins screening tonight), but until then here's a clip from the film.

Though the film has already released a trailer or two, it feels like Sony is waiting for 'The Avengers' to pass before it brings out the big guns. Then again, if the film runs as close to 90 minutes as we've heard, it's probably best not to deluge the market with the approximately thirty minutes of footage we've already seen out of 'The Avengers.'

As for the new footage here, it shows the start of an action sequence. Perhaps it plays much better in three dimensions with all the whipping around and under things, but it doesn't look like a particularly inspired action set piece. Of course we'll know for sure when the film hits theaters May 25. And hopefully it's an entertaining return to what made the first film a huge hit.