Now that Mitt Romney has chosen the presidency over an 'SNL' hosting gig, Lorne Michaels has settled on a rock icon to close out 'Saturday Night Live's thirty-seventh season. Though he and the band he fronts, which many music fans consider the greatest of all time, have appeared on the show as musical guests several times before, the May 19th finale marks the first time the famed British rocker brings his patented swagger to an 'SNL' hosting gig.

That's right, Mick Jagger has been tapped to host 'SNL's season finale. While The Rolling Stones have appeared as musical guests three times before, the May 19th finale marks the first time Jagger will helm the show. The Stones frontman has made several cameo appearances over the years, with the last one during Jimmy Fallon's return to 'SNL' in December of last year.

It's been a busy year thus far for Jagger and his bandmates, who are celebrating The Rolling Stones 50th anniversary with the release of a 352-page commemorative book, titled "The Rolling Stones: 50" and preparing for a large-scale tour in 2013.

Now approaching seventy-years-old, Jagger is long overdue for an 'SNL' hosting gig. But his finale appearance begs the question of not only who would be a better host, but would make a better President of the United States, Mitt Romney or Mick Jagger...