Writer-director Christopher McQuarrie seems to have developed a pretty strong working relationship with Tom Cruise. In addition to working with the actor on the highly regarded Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation movie, McQuarrie had previously directed Cruise in Jack Reacher while also serving as either a producer or screenwriter on Jack Reacher 2 and Cruise’s upcoming Universal Monsters movie The Mummy. When it comes to actor-director pairings, there’s no denying McQuarrie and Cruise are one of the more impressive duos at work these days.

All of which makes me incredibly excited that McQuarrie has chosen to accept his mission and move forward with the next entry in the Mission: Impossible franchise. Last night, McQuarrie took to Twitter to announce that production has kicked off on Mission: Impossible 6, the latest movie in Cruise’s AARP action franchise:

While a lot about the movie is still unknown at this point, there are at least a few pieces we can put together. We know that Rebecca Ferguson will reprise her role as double agent extraordinaire Ilsa Faust. We know that McQuarrie has hinted at a few ‘unexpected returns’ for actors previously seen in other movies in the franchise. And, of course, we know that Tom Cruise is preparing the mother of all stunts, with producer David Ellison admitting a few weeks ago that Cruise has spent an entire year preparing for his next Mission: Impossible showstopper. That’s 365 days, 8,765 hours, or, for the Rent fans in the audience, 525,600 minutes, all spent trying to craft the perfect action sequence for our entertainment. At this point, I’ll be happy to just donate my body parts to Cruise whenever he needs them. I’m pretty sure he’ll get a lot more mileage out of my knee cartilage than me.

Mission: Impossible 6 is currently set for a July 28, 2018 release date.

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