There are some projects some reboots, remakes and re-quels that viewers want so desperately to be left alone, they inevitably die out, like the unfathomably bad 'Charlies Angels.'  That said, 'Pushing Daisies' creator Bryan Fuller's upcoming reboot of the Munster family 'Mockingbird Lane' just moved one step closer to reality.

Just as it had been announced that UK funnyman Eddie Izzard was in talks to headline 'Munsters'-reboot 'Mockingbird Lane' as Grandpa Munster, so too has the opposite end of the Munster spectrum been cast, as Deadline TV reveals that UK actress Charity Wakefield will take the role of Marilyn, the Munsters' "plain" cousin."  Marilyn is Lily Munster's niece, and the only "normal" one of the bunch, having been spared by her own mother as a child.

Played by Beverly Owen and later Pat Priest in the original series, Marilyn was portrayed as a college student with good moral values and polite demeanor which causes frequent clashes with Grandpa, though she seems to get along with the rest of the family just fine in spite of their differences.  While the most distinct, yet least developed character of the original series, it's possible that the coming reboot might use Marilyn as more of an audience surrogate to introduce her more ghoulish family.

'Mockingbird Lane' comes from 'Pushing Daisies' creator Bryan Fuller, with its pilot to be directed by Bryan Singer.  The pilot also marks Charity Wakefield's second U.S. gig, the prior being a 2010 NBC pilot of David E. Kelley's 'Legally Mad.'  As of yet, only Wakefield and Eddie Izzard have been cast.

US audiences aren't all that familiar with Charity Wakefield, but what say you of the casting?  Could Charity be right for Marilyn, and Izzard for Grandpa?  Tell us what direction you'd like to see the series take, if not destroyed as an abomination, in the comments below!