In 'Monsters Inc. 2' (more formally known as 'Monsters University'), we know that Mike and Sulley will be back in a prequel that shows the two monsters going through college. But beyond those two, what new (or old?) characters will be joining them? Let's find out with some new 'Monsters University' character art that reveals some new friends!

The character art below (via Upcoming Pixar) shows off some varied looks at Mike and Sulley but we're also introduced to Don, Squishy, Squishy's mom, Art and Terri/Terry. We don't know much about these characters yet but we'll guess that Squishy, Art and Terri & Terry are friends of Mike and Sulley's at school. Don, voiced by Joel Murray in the film, plays a businessman who's been downsized at his company and he decided to go back to college to learn computers.

In addition to these characters, old 'Monsters Inc.' favorites like Randall (Steve Buscemi), the Abominable Snowman (John Ratzenberger) and Henry J. Waternoose (Kelsey Grammer, filling in for the late James Coburn) will all be returning.

Take a look at the 'Monsters Inc. 2' character art below (you can click each one to see in hi-res) and get ready for the film to hit theaters on June 21, 2013.