The monsters are coming, the monsters are coming! No, wait, the monsters are here! In one of the bigger weekend showdowns of the summer, we've got two different types of creatures facing off: the zombies of 'World War Z' and the, well, monsters of 'Monsters University.' So which film will get your hard-earned dough this weekend!

The films really couldn't be more different. One is a mega-budget, action-horror film, starring one of the biggest names on the planet (Brad Pitt); the other is a prequel to a beloved animated movie by perhaps the world's most beloved movie studio (Pixar). But both have a chance to make a big impact this weekend.

If we're being honest, 'Monsters University' is as close to a surefire hit as anything else this summer; it's got a built-in audience and Pixar movies almost always open above $60 million, plus the kids are all out of school. But 'World War Z' is coming on strong, with an exciting ad campaign and positive buzz overtaking the once-negative word of mouth caused by the film's troubled production. (The general public most likely doesn't care too much about that anyway, as long as the film looks cool.)

So which film are you rushing to this weekend? Vote in our poll below and tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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