A new TV spot for 'Monsters University' premiered at the Kid's Choice Awards last night and it has all of the same strengths and flaws as the previous trailers. You too can furrow your brow and cast judgment upon the marketing materials for this children's film by watching the embed below.

On the surface, 'Monsters University' has everything you'd expect from a Pixar production: the animation is gorgeous and character designs are varied and fun. However, we're still not completely sold on the film from everything we've seen because there barely seems to be a movie here. Once we get over the "It's just like college...but with monsters!" joke, what else remains? The trailers haven't painted a clear picture of what the movie is even about or why we should care about the younger versions of these characters, which is rare for a company as story-oriented as Pixar. In 'Monsters, Inc.,' we saw older versions of these characters literally alter the way their world works forever. Why should we care about their college days?

Of course, we hope to be pleasantly surprised. Not even two 'Cars' films (or even 'Brave' while we're here) can make us completely rule Pixar out.

'Monsters University' opens on June 21st.

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