If there's one thing we can say about the concept behind 'Monsters University,' it's that it sure does lend itself to some pretty easy and clever viral marketing. When the title of your film is the name of an institution, all you've got to do is create a couple of fake commercials and/or welcoming videos for said insituation and throw them online! You can watch three new 'Monsters University' videos below.

With self-explanatory titles like "A Message From the Dean" and "Welcome to Monsters University," each video is a parody of the king of video you'd see playing on a loop in the visitor's center of your alma mater, replacing humans with monsters and all of the activities with, uh, monster stuff (which frequently looks a lot like regular human activities, if you want to be completely honest). In their own way, these videos stay true to the film's entire marketing campaign so far, which has focused on goofy humor and gags instead actual plot.

And the could be a problem. As amusing as these videos are, we still haven't been given a reason to truly care about this film. Sure, 'Monsters, Inc.' is pretty great, but absolutely nothing about it is screaming for a prequel. Hopefully, there's more to the finished film than jocks v.s. nerds jokes.

'Monsters University' opens on June 21st.

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