April Fool's Day on the internet is generally a headache -- site post fake stories, communities pull pranks and everyone is generally miserable because most of the posts aren't done by professional comedians and sometimes those fake posts get taken seriously. However, some people know how to make their April Fool's shenanigans fun and clever instead of irritating and we can now include the marketing people behind 'Monsters University' in that number, who gave one of the upcoming film's sites an amusing facelift for the day.

If you visit the official Monsters University site, you are greeted with a page that looks like every official college website out there, from the clean layout to the stories themselves (which range from sports news to admission information). However, it looks like the site is in a little trouble today: after you spend a few seconds perusing about, the page is suddenly hijacked and vandalized by MU's chief rival, Fear Tech. Any attempts to click something else only result in "Archie the Fear Pig" showing up and oinking at you.

Okay, well played, guys. That's cute. This is how April Fool's Day jokes should be done. 'Monsters University' opens on June 21st.

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