Behold! A new leak of some scans from October 2013's issue of Japan's CoroCoro comics has revealed new Mega Evolutions for Pokemon X and Y, including another form of Mega Mewtwo.

According to Official Nintendo Magazine UK, the new evolution for Mewtwo will be called Mega Mewtwo X and will be exclusive to Pokemon X. This means that the previously-revealed evolution will be called Mega Mewtwo Y and will be exclusive to Pokemon Y.

Another notable Mega Evolution that was revealed was that of Mega Garchomp, the evolved form of Garchomp, which is a "Pseudo Legendary" Pokemon. Mega Garchomp is pictured in the above-right photo. Kinda looks like something a dude in a giant robot would have to take down.

The evolved forms of Fennekin, Chespin and Froakie have also been revealed. Their untranslated, Japanese names for their respective evolutions are Teerunaa, Hariboogu and Gerogashira.

Other Pokemon that were revealed are a Rock/Dragon-Type called Chigorasu, a Rock/Ice-Type called Amarasu, a Normal-Type white dog called Torimian and a Psychic-Type cat named Nyaonikusu.

You can check out all of the scans on Serebii and pick out which ones you'll want to hunt down when Pokemon X and Y is released on Oct. 12 for Nintendo 3DS.