The DVD — short for digital video disc — was only brought to market in 1996, and didn’t become widely prevalent until the early 2000s. So the DVD medium has barely existed for a quarter century. Many people still use their DVD players. Even though the format has long since been eclipsed by Blu-ray and streaming, you can still buy new movies on DVD. (Want a DVD of The Flash or The Super Mario Bros. Movie? No problem.)

In other words, DVD is not “dead” in the same sense that VHS is — which means there isn’t really the same sense of nostalgia for DVD the way there is for VHS ... yet. So while VHS fans are snatching up unopened VHS tapes and getting them sealed in plastic and graded, that sort of hoarding and collecting culture hasn’t quite taken off in the world of DVD yet. Given the way of the word, though, it’s probably only a matter of time — and meanwhile, there are some DVDs and box sets that have already skyrocketed in value.

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The list of 25 movies and TV shows below are all DVDs (I tried my best not to include Blu-rays or sets that included both formats; that’s a subject for another list) that have sold for high prices on eBay in the last few months. (The figures for the best offers on some of the items come from the website In general, the prices are not quite as high as the ones for high-end VHS tapes; people still tend to fetishize analog over digital. But, remember, DVDs are still in use. In a few more years, as streaming becomes even more prevalent and physical media becomes even less prevalent, who knows how valuable some of these discs might get?

DVDs That Sold For Shocking Amounts of Money

These DVD discs and box sets recently sold for hundreds of dollars eBay.
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