Five years separated ‘Men In Black’ from its immediate sequel. A full 10 years separate ‘Men In Black 2’ from this weekend’s ‘Men In Black 3.’ Basically, if you’re a fan of a once-defunct sequel, there’s always hope for another sequel, no matter how much time has passed.

With that in mind, we collected the 10 film franchises which stalled after Part 2 that deserve a Part 3. It doesn’t matter that some of them might be nearly 30 years old and buried under a layer of dust. This is Hollywood! We remake, reboot and sequelize everything! So come on, studio executives. Let’s start greenlighting these defunct properties, and prove there’s life in these movie corpses yet.

  • 1

    'The Cannonball Run'

    The concept is airtight. Teams of mismatched celebrities compete in a race from one coast to the other, with very little importance placed on whom actually crosses the finish line first. 'Cannonball' ran out of gas after the second film in 1984. But if Garry Marshall can recruit all-star casts for holiday-themed duds, then we should be able to get Burt Reynolds and an army of comedians behind the wheel of a third 'Run' sometime soon.

    20th Century Fox
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    This one might actually happen, and while most (including series star Bill Murray) are opposed to the idea, we’d actually like to see the Ghostbusters reunited on screen. And not for the purposes of passing the torch to a younger generation. Make a dark, violent 'Ghostbusters' film that pits our aging heroes against the hooded figure of Death. Maybe we lose a few team members along the way, but it would be a memorable final chapter to a once-classic franchise.

    Columbia Pictures
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    'The X-Files'

    Another that, if the fates allow, could happen before Hell freezes over. David Duchovny always seems open to returning to the role of skeptic Fox Mulder. And there are unlimited supernatural mysteries for creator Chris Carter and his crew to explore. The truth is out there, and if we’re lucky, Mulder and Scully (Gillian Anderson) will be given at least one more feature-length opportunity to discover it.

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    The snobs-versus-slobs concept is nothing new. But ‘Caddyshack’ worked because director Harold Ramis found four ridiculously funny comedians whose deliveries couldn’t be more different and dropped them in the same sandbox to play. I wouldn’t dream of attempting to cast a third ‘Caddyshack,’ but I’d love to see another director with enough courage to toss four new comics onto the golf course and see what combusts.

    Warner Bros.
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    'Revenge of the Nerds'

    A trip to Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break in 1987 killed the ‘Nerds’ franchise. The series continued for a few forgettable TV movies, but it wasn’t the same. But the popularity of CBS’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’ proves that cleverly-written, intelligent humor always has a place in the entertainment world. Let’s get the boys of Lambda Lambda Lambda back on screen. If we don’t, it’s like the Alpha Betas have won.

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    'Bad Boys'

    Hear me out: I know that Michael Bay is The Devil, and the second, bloated ‘Bad Boys’ movie is widely considered a nonsensical, vindictive travesty. But Will Smith’s chemistry with Martin Lawrence is undeniable, and they should be given another shot at buddy-cop superstardom. Just grab a different director, keep the run-time under two hours, and move the action out of Miami. It keeps working for the ‘Die Hard’ franchise. Give the ‘Bad Boys’ one last great adventure, instead of letting it end with their single-handed destruction of Cuba.

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    Pop quiz, hotshot. How do you make a third ‘Speed ’ work? Well, it has to have Sandra Bullock AND Keanu Reeves. No offense, Jason Patric, but no one was invested in your monotone action hero. Also, a luxury ocean liner moves about as quickly as a Pachyderm in mud. Whose idea was it to set a ‘Speed’ sequel on a slow-floating vacation getaway? Shift the action to a bullet train, reunite Reeves and Bullock, and we’re halfway toward making ‘Speed 3’ a reality. Now remind me, did Dennis Hopper really die at the end of the first one?

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    'Weekend at Bernie's'

    Here’s my pitch for a third ‘Bernie’s’ comedy. The year is 2012. 49-year-old Andrew McCarthy and 45-year-old Jonathan Silverman are STILL carting Terry Kiser’s corpse around. Only at this point, it’s a rotting shell of the sunglassed bully it used to be, and the two “caretakers” of Bernie’s body are so mentally damaged by their past actions that they’re hardly capable of separating fiction from reality. Morbid? You betcha, but why bother bringing ‘Bernie’ back at all if you’re not going to go completely weird.

  • 9

    'Teen Wolf'

    MTV’s attempt at reviving the ‘Teen Wolf’ franchise might have nipped this pup in the bud, but I think the idea of a family of wolves finding their place in suburbia has unlimited potential. The Jason Bateman-led sequel was so campy. But if you bring Scott (Michael J. Fox) and Boof (Susan Ursitti) back as the parents of a teen on the verge of wolf-dom, it could bring closure to a fun, funny franchise.

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    Like ‘Ghostbusters,’ the original ‘Gremlins’ took audiences by surprise and all but forced studio execs to crank out a sequel. And like ‘Ghostbusters II,’ the second ‘Gremlins’ was a chaotic mess that didn’t comprehend what people enjoyed about the first film. If you’re going to bother rebooting ‘Ghostbusters,’ then Gizmo and his crew deserve a second shot at silver-screen horrors. And with the advancements in technology that have occurred since ‘Gremlins 2’ hit in 1990, Stripe and his gang can only get more terrifying … right?

    Warner Bros.