Proving that it takes a bully to beat a bully, the MPAA is refusing to cave on their R-rating for the Weinstein Company's new doc, 'Bully.' The documentary, which sheds a light on the important issue of schoolyard bullying, features "some language," which was just enough to ruffle the feathers of the notoriously difficult ratings board.

It's strange, considering the MPAA itself bullies filmmakers into compromising their artistic vision for the sake of what they perceive to be the greater good. In this instance, the MPAA is choosing to use their authority to shelter the very children this film seeks to address. Bullying isn't just an issue adults need to discuss; children need to be a large part of this dialogue, and the language used in the film is most likely language they are already very familiar with, like it or not. The decision of whether or not a teenager should see the film is a decision best left in the hands of the parents.

The Weinstein company appealed the decision earlier this week, but the MPAA held firm to its initial rating, presumably followed by shoving the Weinsteins into the mud and shouting outdated Yo' Mama jokes.