If you were planning to let MTV follow you around with cameras as you endeavored to lose your virginity on its new show 'My First,' looks like you'll have to document the events some other way -- the network has pulled the plug on the project.

Earlier this month, MTV posted this casting notice:

“Do you want to take things to the next level? Like, are you ready to hand over your V card? Or do you have a friend who is ready to lose it? Young adulthood is a time for exploration. New relationships, fresh experiences and sexual firsts.

"Now MTV is looking to frankly capture that journey in a new series called 'My First.' We’re looking for adults who are ready to go all the way. Let MTV come along on your journey… as you try to lose your virginity!”

The posting made it clear that only people 18 and over would be considered, and that MTV cameras wouldn't "film the act itself. Duh." Because the network that brought you 'Jersey Shore' and 'Teen Mom' has class, you guys.

Anyway, the public pretended to be shocked -- shocked! -- that MTV would propose such a thing, with everyone from parents to celebrities calling it "depressing" and "irresponsible."

Heeding the outcry, MTV eventually put the kibosh on the project, with a rep saying, "This was a preliminary casting notice, and we're not moving forward with a pilot."

If only they'd said the same thing before they made Snooki a household name.

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