'My Strange Addiction' returns on February 13th with an episode that introduces us to Lisa, a woman who eats the hair right off her cats. This sounds very strange indeed but it may not even be among the strangest things on 'My Strange Addiction.' As the hit TLC reality show is set to return, we took a look back at the last three seasons to rate what exactly were the strangest addictions on 'My Strange Addiction.'

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    Eating Drywall

    There are a lot of creatures that can get inside your walls and eat away at your drywall, causing serious damage to your home. But 26-year-old Nicole is beating the mice to it. She pulls out hunks of drywall from her own home leaving holes sometimes three feet wide.


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    Eating Toilet Paper

    Toilet paper is supposed to go one place and it ain't your mouth. But Kesha has been snacking on toilet paper for years, going through about 4-5 rolls a week. The hell with popcorn, she even takes a roll to the movies as a snack.


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    In Love With a Doll

    Davecat (yes, Davecat) is in love with a doll named Sidore. They live together, go shopping together and eat dinner together, just like a regular couple would except, you know, Sidore is made of plastic. Davecat even gives Sidore foot massages. "That's probably one of her favorite things in the world."


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    Eating Couch Cushions

    We don't even know what the inside of our couch cushions look like but Adele has been zipping open the cushions on her couch and ripping off handfuls of the foam inside for a snack. This has been going on for twenty years and God knows how many loveseats.


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    Snorting Baby Powder

    Usually when you see a reality show that confronts someone about an addition to snorting white powder up their nose, it's 'Intervention.' But Jaye isn't a coke addict, she's a baby powder addict. The 28-year-old has been at it for the past 16 years at least 10 times a day.


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    Drinking Nail Polish

    When 23-year-old Bertha gets thirsty she doesn't reach for a bottle of Gatorade or a glass of water. Instead she reaches for nail polish, drinking about 5 bottles every day. She particularly likes the "flavor" blue or anything with glitter in it.


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    Smelling a Baby Doll Head

    While many of the strange addictions involve eating, drinking or otherwise ingesting something unhealthy into your body, 24-year-old Lacey has an addiction that isn't an immediate health concern. But that doesn't make it any less strange when she rubs a baby doll head (named "Susie Q.") across her face all day long.


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    Eating a Dead Person

    Many people keep the ashes of loved ones who've passed. Enter Casie, a woman so distraught by the death of her husband she carries his urn around wherever she goes. This is enough to upset her family. Wait until they find out she's been slowly eating his remains.


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    Drinking Urine

    Carrie is a 53-year-old woman who's suffering from cancer. For this some people would try chemotherapy but Carrie is trying something completely different - drinking her own urine. She drinks about 80 ounces of her own urine daily, brushes with it and even bathes in it.


  • 1

    Car Lover

    A lot of guys love their cars but 27-year-old Nathaniel is in love with his car. He's been in a relationship with his Chevy Monte Carlo, which he has named "Chase." And before you ask, yes, Nathaniel is having sex with his car.


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