You know, something had certainly felt amiss of late.  Perhaps it's that we've reached the season (series, if you're unlucky) finale portion of the year, which always means our favorite shows approach some kind of climactic kiss or coupling, hopefully just as satisfying as we've all imagined it.  Yet, for many it's been nagging: When comes the inhumanly gross and unsatisfying part?

Wait no longer!  TV Guide reports that TLC's 'Virgin Diaries' will fill all your horrifically awkward needs, airing two brand-new specials this summer!  The show's initial run, which was punctuated by that god-awful kiss that made the viral rounds, debuted on TLC this past December, landing an impressive 1.3 million viewers.

The upcoming specials will focus on new stories however, rather than revisiting any of the progress of the past, featuring a 34-year-old Mormon man who lives in his parents' basement and brings his mother with him to bars as a "Wing Mom" aiding him in meeting women women, along with a 29-year-old lesbian virgin who maintains a healthy love of both 'Star Wars' and dodge ball. Hey, since when has their been a correlation between 'Star Wars' and not getting laid?

All the patently uncomfortable non-action will go down on TLC this coming summer (get it?) so stay tuned for air dates and tell us what you got out of the first 'Virgin Diaries' season in the comments!