Saddened though we were to learn that Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman would close up the Mythbusters shop after 14 seasons, we have every reason to believe the science and engineering duo will close out their Discovery tenure with bang. Yes, in more ways than one. In the meantime, Savage has begun sharing photos from the last day of shooting, and it looks as explosive as it does … well, something!

Still ongoing, Savage has begun sharing a plethora of images from the final day on on set, including a celebration for the cast and crew with gifts of exploded chunks from (potentially) busted myths. What exactly the duo will probe by their final outing remains a mystery, but see what you can deduce from Savage’s photostream:

Said Savage previously of the ending:

When we construct the final season list of stories, our guiding principal was what are the iconic categories that fans of Mythbusters that should not be ignored in the final season. We really tried to address each one of those. The series finale is pretty amazing. I wanted Jamie and I to wake up to Suzanne Pleshette afterwards, but we did find a way to say goodbye.

We’ll have until 2016 to say goodbye to Mythbusters, all 248 episodes and 2,950 experiments’ worth, but what can we deduce from Savage’s tweets? Stay tuned for more from the account, as Mythbusters winds down its final day of busting … well, yeah.

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