Every movie lover’s favorite made-up but extremely useful holiday is back: National Cinema Day is returning this week with discounted tickets for everyone in hundreds of theaters all across the country. In participating multiplexes, every showing of every movie — including the ones shown in formats that typically cost extra, like IMAX — will be $4.

National Cinema Day really kicked off last year, with a similar deal involving discounted tickets. Last year, though, the cheap seats were only $3. In one year, the price jumped up 33 percent. That’s inflation for you.

Regal Cinemas put out their own press release about National Cinema Day, confirming their participation in the event at every one of their theaters — and the fact that you will be able to get tickets for showings in 4DX, ScreenX, RPX, or IMAX all for just $4. They will also be offering a $4 snack combo at their concession stands as well.

The Alamo Drafthouse theater chain sent out an email confirming they will also be participating in the $4 movie ticket promotion at their cinemas as well, although for them certain “events and specialty screenings” will be excluded. And at all these theaters, you still have to pay taxes and any convenience or online ticketing fees on top of the four bucks.

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The now-annual event is organized by the “Cinema Foundation,” a non-profit that “uses data and collaboration to promote and expand the cinema industry.” The claim their mission is  to “advance the moviegoing experience, by developing future diverse workforces and moviegoing communities through research, education, and philanthropy.”

There are plenty of good movies in theaters right now. If you’ve been waiting to see Barbie or Oppenheimer, both are still around (and you might finally be able to get IMAX tickets to Oppenheimer at this point, and for just four bucks). The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Mutant Mayhem is a lot of fun for kids. This weekend there’s several new movies opening as well, including the racing film Gran Turismo and the teen comedy Bottoms.

So check your local theater to see if it’s participating, find the fanciest format they’ve got, and get yourself a $4 ticket.

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