Yesterday brought the surprising news of Bryan Fuller's entire bible for a projected seven seasons of 'Hannibal,' but we'll still have to get through tonight's first season finale event! The final installment, "Savoureux," will see Will Graham accused of a grisly crime he didn't commit, but what does the latest clip reveal? Might Will be guilty after all?

The very definition of dramatic irony states that we know more than the characters at hand, but as Beverly Katz notes to Will in the above video (courtesy of IGN), the evidence against Will seems pretty damning. When last we left 'Hannibal,' the titular killer had loomed over Abigail Hobbes (Kacey Rohl) after placing her in dire straights, but does that mean he actually did the dark deed?

Could Will finally break through his illness to see the real Dr. Hannibal Lecter before the night is out, or will he end up in jail for the man's crimes? The most recent photos from "Savoureux" seem pretty damning as well, but even with a second season renewal, 'Hannibal' will surely save some story for later, right? Right?

Catch the latest clip from 'Hannibal''s first season finale above, and stay tuned for our review of the big finish tonight on NBC! And hey, just for funsies:

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