In what will no doubt be the breaking point for many a TV fan to pack it in and retreat to the wilderness never to be seen again, the hipster is finally coming to television.  We've just learned that among two other series, late night host and 'SNL' aslum Jimmy Fallon's production company Holiday Road has just inked a deal with NBC to bring the small screen an "untitled multi-camera hipster project," and we don't mean ironically.  Say, isn't December 2012 just around the corner?

Per Deadline, we've learned hipster will officially go mainstream as Jimmy Fallon will executive producer an upcoming hipster comedy for NBC, created by former 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart' show-runner Josh Lieb and actor/comedian/musician Nick Thune.  All three will produce the series, with Lieb and Thune writing, and Thune likely starring.

According to the description, the as-yet-untitled series would likely feature Thune as "a decidedly un-hip anthropology student finds himself living with – and studying – the wild, untamed hipsters of Brooklyn, New York.  Thune has previously helmed his own Comedy Central special, and maintains a regular Upright Citizens Brigade presence.

But that's not all!  Fallon's company also sold to NBC 'Slammed,' a wrestling workplace comedy, and hour-long bullying drama 'Bad Seeds,' to FOX, described as 'Dexter' meets 'The O.C.'  If you'll excuse us, the wilderness is calling us away, never to be seen or heard from again.

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