It's been a good news-bad news kind of day for NBC viewers, as the same afternoon that saw 'Hannibal' renewed for a third season also gave birth to 'Community''s season 5 cancellation. Now, the peacock has thrown a few more logs on the fire, among them freshman comedy 'Growing Up Fisher,' sci-fi flop 'Believe,' and surprisingly, the two-season 'Revolution.'

Early word of 'Revolution''s cancellation brought quick denials from NBC and Warner Bros., though minutes later all sides confirmed that the Abrams-produced post-apocalyptic drama would finally turn the lights out for good. The series was noted for a bit of creative turnaround in the second season, though ultimately the damage had been done with its audience.

Meanwhile, 'Growing Up Fisher' with J.K. Simmons wasn't exactly blindsided (heh) by news of its own cancellation, while we've also learned sci-fi thriller 'Believe' has been added to the scrap heap. That brings J.J. Abrams down from four series on the air to one, following the cancellation of 'Almost Human' and the renewal of CBS' 'Person of Interest.' And who could forget about the cancellation of 'Crisis,' freeing Gillian Anderson up for future 'Hannibal'?

Oh well. at least 'About a Boy' was renewed for season 2, right? Right? Bueller? Tell us what you think of the latest cancellation rounds from NBC in the comments!

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