For the past few years, only a handful of merchandisers could rightfully lay claim to having one of the best San Diego Comic-Con exclusive items. With dozens of different companies all vying for that top spot, the competition was absolutely fierce. However, in that great big mix of exclusives, one company constantly found itself topping nearly every toy fanatic’s list. NECA has been on a major roll as of late, and with this year’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Predator and Alien offerings, its grip on the Comic-Con crown doesn't look like it will loosen.

Following up 2016's TMNT Arcade Box Set, arguably one of the greatest exclusive items in SDCC history, was not going to be an easy task for the New Jersey-based company. Somehow though, the stars and sewers aligned, giving NECA the chance to outdo themselves once again. This year’s Ninja Turtles box set will go down as one of the most desired items of the convention, and will only further cement NECA as the go-to company for budget-friendly toys, which more than live up to the competition’s efforts.

Fortunately for you, NECA’s approach at SDCC has always been one of first come, first served. A limited number of each item will be available every day, but you won’t have to waste time waiting the night before for a ticket or anything like that. You’ve just got to be fast on the floor, and patient once you get to NECA’s booth.


TMNT 30th Anniversary Cartoon Action Figure Box Set ($200)

With its retro-inspired carrying case, the TMNT 30th Anniversary Cartoon set is a formidable piece of work even before you open it up. Inside, you’ll find eight figures in total, including all four Turtles, Shredder, a few Foot Clan soldiers, and Krang. Additionally, there will be a number of weapons and accessories for each figure, all tailored to look as if they walked off the screen of the 1987 animated series. At just $25 per figure (on average), it’s one of the biggest steals of the show.


Predator Jungle Briefing Dutch ($30)

NECA’s already covered just about every single iteration of Dutch from 1987’s Predator as was humanly possible. The final figure in the Dutch lineage that was missing was that of the opening moments of the film, where Dutch meets up with Dylan to get the plot rolling. Here, NECA’s faithfully recreated the red polo shirt-wearing, cigar-chomping Dutch, who also comes with a set of briefing papers and map, along with an assault rifle. Dylan may not be included, but the packaging reminds us all of the handshake heard ’round the world.


Alien Sewer Mutation Warrior Alien ($30)

Teased as a proof of concept in one of NECA’s many Alien dioramas over the past few hobby shows, the Sewer Mutation Warrior is a fitting tribute to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series. Though a mustard yellow xenomorph never appeared in any of the films or true Alien canon, this is truly a fan service toy that xeno collectors will welcome with open arms into existing collections. Plus, it'll give you something to pose with that boss TMNT Animated set NECA’s also offering this year.


Coraline Display Set ($40)

Coraline may not have been a box office smash, but the cult favorite has more than its fair share of fans. As one of the only companies to invest in licensing Coraline goods, NECA will once again return to the license with a special LED display set at SDCC. The box opens up to reveal the diorama scene, with the lights offering some green ambiance from behind. A bendy of Coraline in colored pajamas is also included, which should make fans who missed out on the initial wave happy.


Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Clothed Death ($35)

Sooner or later, everyone dances with the reaper. After thrilling Bill and Ted fans with retro clothed dolls of the titular heroes and Rufus in 2016, NECA’s returning to the series once more for what is likely the last time with Death. The antagonist-turned-best friend of Bogus Journey, Death comes complete with his dark robes, a scythe, and William Sadler’s deadpan demeanor.

San Diego Comic-Con begins on July 19. NECA will be at booth #3145 all weekend.