Well, if the Friends all had to get on with their lives eventually, it stands to reason New Girl couldn’t stay new forever. The once-breakout comedy is likely to come to an end after Season 6, according to star Jake Johnson, though a potential finale is at least in place.

Even as New Girl has coasted a few seasons since the height of its popularity, Johnson told The Daily Beast at SXSW that a Season 7 renewal was exceptionally unlikely. Saying “I think after this season it’s done,” Johnson noted it odd that FOX hadn’t signaled whether or not they’d pursue another year, and they prepared as such:

Fox won’t tell us [whether the show will be renewed]. But we shot a finale where, if this was the end, the core fan base would be OK.

For what it’s worth, New Girl has still drawn notable headlines in recent years, between Megan Fox’s semi-regular addition to the cast, or this past season’s crossover episode with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. FOX may renew after all, but will likely announce closer to the May Upfront presentations, so stay tuned.

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