While 'New Girl' took a few episodes across its first season to get into the swing of things and break out as a critically-acclaimed series, one potential landmine has always remained in its path: must 'New Girl' go the traditional sitcom route and pair up its lead characters?  We've observed Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) to have plenty of chemistry together, but do the new clips from tonight's episode "The Fluffer" mean the chemistry's about to hit the fan?

'New Girl' premieres its third episode of the season tonight (the first two having aired last week), and with it FOX has once again released a wealth of clips from the episode.  Whereas last week's clips gave away most of the premiere's big guest appearances however, the latest clips might be a little more telling as far as Nick and Jess go.

While Schmidt bails on a roommate dinner (taking Winston with him) to try to meet Kanye West, Nick and Jess end up sharing a meal together alone, only for things to become awkward the next day as Nick realizes himself to be Jess' emotional "fluffer."  Could the long-shipped couple be getting together this early in the second season, or will things fizzle out?

Check out six all-new clips from tonight's episode, and tell us what you think of the new season of 'New Girl' in the comments!