'New Girl's first season may not have scored any Emmys last night, but they'll certainly have another chance as September 25 will see the season two premiere, not once, but twice!  It's a double-decker for 'New Girl' season 2 as 8:00 will drop the show's first new episode "Re-Launch," before picking up with another helping at 9:00 with "Katie."  Earlier clips gave us a big look at the premiere, so who's ready for another helping?

Why wait all the way until tomorrow for fresh looks at 'New Girl' season 2, when we've got them right here?  We previously showed you a number of clips from the season 2 premiere 'Re-Launch," including your first look at Parker Posey in the role previously meant for Leslie Mann, but now FOX has issued a whopping six clips from tomorrow night's sophomore effort "Katie."

In the clips below, Schmidt takes a liking to Winston's sister, while Jess finds plenty on her own plate with not one, but two suitors to help her through her unemployment.  In addition to Winston's family, you'll catch your first look at 'The Book of Mormon' and '1600 Penn' star Josh Gad, as well as 'Bent's David Walton as Jess new friends, while the final clip teases a look at 'Justified' star Raymond Barry playing "Future Nick."

You can check out the new clips from 'New Girl' season 2 below, and tell us what you think in the comments!