Though Joe Manganiello and his trademark scruff remains fairly well known these last few years, thanks largely to his regular role on 'True Blood' and appearances in hot-button films like 'Magic Mike, one only need look as far back as 2002's 'Spider-Man' to see the burly actor look surprisingly fresh-faced.  So too did Manganiello make numerous appearances on 'How I Met Your Mother,' a role to be reprised in the coming weeks, but looking quite different than we remember!

Not only will the actor be sporting a fake gut, but his 'True Blood' style scruff makes him nearly impossible to recognize for those who remember the character.  Get a first look inside!

'True Blood's Joe Manganiello will soon return to his guest role on 'How I Met Your Mother' as Marshall's law school friend Brad, appearing in next week's "The Stamp Tramp," looking very unlike his usual self.  The normally-ripped actor will don a fake gut, and keep his 'True Blood' facial hair to portray the character down and out, when Marshall comes to the rescue with a job opportunity!

TVLine managed to snag a clip of Manganiello back in action in Monday's all-new episode, as Marshall tries to walk his friend through an interview with his boss (Joe Lo Truglio), only to find he's more than a little out of touch.  Check it out below, and tell us who else you'd like to see return to 'How I Met Your Mother' in the comments!