The Year of Luigi continues on with some more news about New Super Luigi U, delivered in today's Nintendo Direct. Snippets of gameplay gave players a look at Nabbit, a new character they'll be able to play in the game's multiplayer. And for die-hard Luigi fans who haven't had the chance to play New Super Mario Bros. U, it was announced that a standalone version will be coming out of the pipes this August, with the digital version planned for next month.

Nabbit is a character that you might remember from the original New Super Mario Bros. U game who would steal stuff from the Toads. Well, now he's helping Luigi and some of the Toads out, since Mario seems to have gone missing.

Nabbit may look like he was born out of the nightmares of the Mushroom Kingdom's citizens, but he's actually a pretty cool guy with nifty abilities. While he has the same running speed and jumping power of the other characters, Nabbit is special because he takes no damage, but can't receive the benefits from power-ups.

This essentially makes him a very beginner-friendly character, since he can run through courses without the threat of death... unless you send him down a pit. Nabbit will only be available to play in multiplayer modes, though that should still be good news for family game night.

If you'd like to get your hands on Luigi, Nabbit, and the other Toads, but don't want to buy NSMBU just to get the downloadable content, then you'll be happy to know that New Super Luigi U will be available as a standalone title. The retail disc version will be released on August 25th for $29.99.

For those already with a copy of NSMBU hoping to get the game earlier, the downloadable version will be released on June 20th for $19.99, so prepare yourself for a whole lot of green! Let us know if you'll be catching Nabbit when this game is released.

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