At the northwest base of Japan’s Mount Fuji sits a forest by the name of Aokigahara, a dense wood said to possess mythical qualities by the locals. Known worldwide as the “suicide forest,” the area allegedly teems with the unrestful spirits of the wayward souls who go there to take their own lives — 57 self-inflicted deaths were reported from Aokigahara in 2010. The forest has historically been linked to Japanese mythology, rumored to foster demons who terrorize travelers foolish enough to pass through the forbidding woods. This hauntingly beautiful location has made appearances in pop culture in the past; Gus Van Sant’s newest film, the Matthew McConaughey-starring The Sea of Trees, takes place in Aokigahara.

But for the upcoming horror flick simply titled The Forest, Aokigahara’s specters will be of a less reverently spiritual and more spooky-gotcha variety. A new trailer for the film led by Game of ThronesNatalie Dormer has surfaced, and it appears that whatever could have made this film distinctly Japanese has been scrubbed away in favor of a more conventional approach. Dormer plays a young woman who travels to Aokigahara in search of her missing twin sister, only to encounter your typical CGI ghouls of torment (and it looks like a few stabbings as well) on the way.

What a Viewfinder toy is doing lying on the ground in the middle of a Japanese forest is unclear, but what is clear is that ain’t nobody dumb enough to stray from the path when the one thing the guy said was to not stray from the path! Even in trailer form, the film has accomplished something critical for a successful horror story: convinced the audience that the characters are too dumb to live, making way for their gruesome murder-by-forest-spirits.

The Forest hits theaters on January 8.