Game of Thrones whipped fans into a fiery frenzy with its second full trailer for Season 6, revealing several surprise returns and the biggest dragons yet, among other Snow-y secrets. We couldn’t help but dive way deeper into each frame of footage. So what new secrets of Game of Thrones Season 6 were hidden in the flames?

Beware of major spoilers, and check out everything we found in our inside look at the secrets of HBO’s second Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer!


I thought he was the man to lead us through the long night, but I was wrong.

We’ve seen Jon Snow’s corpse around Castle Black a few times now, both in the prior trailer and in a recent clip (in which Ghost is significantly more animated), but what exactly is happening in this scene? The Night’s Watch stabbed Jon to death, but left his body outside, so why is it only now that Davos (and these other men, perhaps loyalists) have to defend the fallen Lord Commander? If they were afraid of Jon rising as a Wight, why not burn him in the first place? Are they only now cautious enough to keep crossbows stationed outside the room?

In any case, Tormund believing he was wrong about Jon Snow is a good bet he’ll eat those words.

Tyrion’s Tyranny

Do you like games, little man?

Tyrion seemed daunted by the prospect of ruling over Meereen in Daenerys’ stead last year, and with good reason. Not only do some of the city council seem unimpressed by his rule but it looks at 1:29 that the Sons of the Harpy haven’t quite ceased their murderous activities, either.

The Rose vs. The Sparrow

‘You would spill blood in this holy place?’

‘The gods won’t mind. They spill more blood than the rest of us combined.’

At 0:16, we see a direct confrontation between Jaime and the High Sparrow, with several ambient scenes peppered throughout the trailer. As we’ve seen previously, note Jaime and the Tyrell army (along with Mace in a floofy hat!) reaching the Sept of Baelor at 1:10 …

While the subsequent shot sees Jaime already ascended the steps, presumably faced by the High Sparrow (and possibly Margaery) above.

Hand of the Queen

There appears to have been some confusion about this hand in the first trailer, other than wearing the ring Daenerys seemingly dropped for Jorah and Daario to find last season. The new footage would appear to confirm it as Daenerys at least, if you note the same fire pit after Daenerys has been stripped at 0:31.

Perhaps a display of her power, amid the humiliation?

Bran-ching Out

NM, just Bran, doing some Greenseeing. Like one does.

Winged Shade

Good grief, that thing is a damn bus by now.

Sansa’s New Theads

From Kings’ Landing captive, to Dark Sansa, to Wardeness of the North, we’re not too worried about Sansa in Season 6, even after her dire-looking escape with Theon. Homegirl’s got herself some fresh Stark threads, looking mighty “Queen of the North” on what looks to be a battlefield at 0:39.

House Frey Returns!

It’s all I think about … what was taken from me.

At 0:42, the decrepit Walder Frey and his murder hall return, now openly breaking bread with Lannister soldiers. It’s hard to pick out anyone specific, certain rumors of book-adapted characters might tease a meaty end for at least a few Freys.

Middle Fingers for Littlefinger

Curiously, near every one of Petyr Baelish’s Season 6 trailer appearances have taken place outside in the snow, seen again at 0:43. Who might his mysterious companion be?

Scaling Grey

At 0:46, Jorah Mormont appears to have a harder and harder time keeping his Greyscale under wraps, but it looks if he’ll at least get close to reuniting with Dany before the takeover, judging by prior BTS footage.

Loras Lost?

We caught a few looks at an incarcerated Margaery last season, but 0:48  appears to be our first look at a ragged Loras in the cells, comforted by his sister. That said, things aren’t looking so good for Loras, if word of his sister drinking the Kool-Aid proves true, as well Finn Jones’ new gig on Netflix.

The Battle of the Bastards

There’s no hiding from this. We have to fight.

There’s a lot of chaos to keep track of, given all the various factions supposedly fighting in a major battle this season, but we’ll at least highlight the fields of Winterfell at 0:53, apparently littered with even more flayed, burning bodies than previous trailers alluded to.

There’s also this reasonably crazy shot at 1:41.

The Red Women

Now, here’s a bit of a head-scratcher at 0:55. That’s Ania Bukstein as a new Red Priestess, seemingly independent of the new Red Priestess we’d heard to be played by Melanie Liburd. That report did feature sides from a scene featuring a red woman named “Kinvara,” who spoke to Tyrion and Varys in the temple and promised to summon others to the cause, perhaps what we’re seeing above.

Jaime Gets Back on Book

At 0:59, we see what looks to be Jaime on horseback through a camp of Lannister tents, wearing the red armor, as opposed to Kingsguard gold. This would seemingly confirm Jaime back on his book thread of leading a Lannister siege to Riverrun, but pay attention to those red tents, for the moment.

Tower of Joy, Sword of Morning

The previous trailer featured anachronistic Targaryen armor, likely confirming reports that Season 6 would see a young Ned Stark leading the charge to “rescue” his sister Lyanna from Rhaegar Targaryen, believed by many to reveal Jon Snow’s secret parentage in the process. Only two Northerners survived said mission, Ned Stark and Howland Reed (Jojen and Meera’s father), and we’re guessing the unfortunate fellow above isn’t either of them.

That said, the Targaryen soldier opposite the pointy end might actually be Ser Arthur Dayne, known as the “Sword of the Morning,” a revered fighter and member of the Mad King Aerys’ Kingsguard. That would make the sword in question “Dawn,” while the blood splashed on the blade here is actually visible in the first trailer as well.

Even more, 1:23 shows Max von Sydow’s Three-Eyed Raven hanging around the same spot, likely confirming the Tower of Joy sequence as one of Bran’s greenseeing visions, were there any doubt.

Of Sparrows and Kings

Show them what Lannisters are. What we do to our enemies.

Another shot of the High Sparrow praying at 1:04 precedes a menacing figure on approach, but don’t be fooled by its juxtaposition with the silhouette of someone being impaled at 1:07.

In fact, given what looks like a crown, beard and cape for the figure on the right, who winds up stabbed through the back, it’s possible we’re seeing a vision of how Jaime Lannister earned the name “Kingslayer” against the Mad King Aerys.

The Mountain Rides Anew

Zombie Gregor Clegane at 1:08. Can’t beat that, but we can’t be too sure of the profile he’s glowering toward either. It might be the Faith Militant member at 1:31 …

But then again, editing is playing a few tricks here as well. The blood-stained shot immediately after appears to be at the feet of Jaquen and Arya (or The Waif), rather than anywhere in Kings’ Landing.

An argument could be made for the High Sparrow and another figure, but the feet beneath those grey robes appear to have some kind of sandal.

Yara Wizard, Harry

Not sure who Yara’s companion at 1:09 could be, but it looks like they’re arriving to the scene of Euron’s baptism/coronation from the first trailer, judging by the angle and the weather.

Horsemen of the Snowpocalypse

The real war is between the living and the dead. And make no mistake, the dead are coming.

Sure, there’s The Night’s King and his companions at 1:13, but we’re a little more preoccupied by the fire they encounter at 1:19 …

… considering a recent behind-the-scenes video seemingly saw Wights attacking the Weirwood tree housing Bran and his companions.

That could also track with one of the trailer’s final shots at 1:44, that of Meera looking frightened.


Here’s where we pay all of the money to Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair, for catching that this shot of Davos framed by a bear flag (the banner of House Mormont, who swore allegiance to the Starks over Stannis) …

Is actually the same scene as that mystery shot of Sansa from the first trailer, apparently confirming that Sansa and Davos will encounter one another this season. Don’t ask us how that works, what with Davos’ position up at Castle Black, Sansa fleeing Winterfell, or Brienne apparently ending up at Riverrun. More on that later.

Your Sam

Hey, Sam’s back! Lookin’ queasy. Chin up, Sam.

Arya Gettin’ Better

We haven’t made very much of Arya’s blindness over these two trailers, other than to confirm that Jaquen remains part of her training, and that corpses still need to be washed, but it seems at 1:26 that the youngest Lady Stark has significantly upped her fighting cred. Hard to say if she even appears blind in the shot, either.

Reek’s New Friend

Beats us! The hair doesn’t appear to match Yara, though the emotion on Theon’s face could be made to suggest as much, for good or ill. Either way, it’s looking less likely he had a smooth getaway with Sansa

Brienne and Pod on the Road Again

Here’s another thinker at 1:30, that whomever Brienne ends up fighting in that snowy forest, she and Pod end up on the right side of Riverrun. There’s a lot one might read into, between discarded book characters, Jaime’s potential presence nearby, and some other ground Brienne will supposedly cover, but perhaps most curious is the shot of Pod at 1:43 …

That’s Pod at the Lannister camp, seemingly smiling to see Jaime Lannister riding by (note the red tents again), but who’s this grabbing him from behind? Despite the suspense, the figure is almost certainly Bronn, given the gloves and quick glimpse of hair. Perhaps a friendly startle for an old friend, but what’s Pod doing in both camps, anyway?


‘Dragons do not do well in captivity.’

‘How do you know this?’

‘That’s what I do. I drink, and I know things.’

Obviously, Tyrion has some concern for Daenerys’ still-chained (and increasingly outgrowing as much) Rhaegal and Viserion, but the angry dragons’ flaming proximity to Tyrion has many wondering if the Half-man will fulfill the dire book role of Quentyn Martell. Probably not, but sleep in fear!

(GIFs via Vanity Fair, Film School Rejects, Tumblr)

Well, what do we think? Does Game of Thrones Season 6 seem as incredibel as we hope? What other details from the second trailer are worth another look? Stay tuned for the latest, and get ready to rise up for Game of Thrones Season 6's April 24 premiere!