Pascal Laugier's 'Martyrs' is one of the most startling and upsetting horror movies in recent memory, a vicious and unrelenting experience that tends to leave viewers speechless and often furious. It's the kind of movie that defines a career. In other words, 'The Tall Man,' his American debut, has a lot to live up to and the latest trailer gives us a taste of what to expect.

It's a familiar story for a horror movie: creepy hooded figure abducts children; Jessica Biel thinks everything is going to be fine; creepy hooded figure abducts Jessica Biel's kid; the chase is on! With this more traditional thriller structure, it's unlikely that 'The Tall Man' will even be as remotely unsettling as 'Martyrs,' but that's probably a good thing. Rather than repeat his past successes, Laugier looks to be striking out onto new turf and challenging himself to make a completely different kind of movie.

'The Tall Man' will enter limited release on August 31 before going wide in September. What do you think of the trailer (which comes courtesy of Coming Soon)?