If Lethal Weapon made it to Season 2, you can bet FOX has an eye on other Shane Black buddy comedies. The Nice Guys may be next on the TV reboot line, albeit with a female-centric twist that changes a major element of the film’s setting.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Diliberti will write and executive produce a script for The Nice Girls; a natural twist on Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe’s The Nice Guys to reflect the female pairing. In addition to changing up the core characters’ gender, the series is said to be a contemporary take on the 1977-set story.

For those unfamiliar with the film, The Nice Guys saw Gosling as a Los Angeles detective and Crowe as an enforcer who join forces to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl. The film grossed $57.3 million worldwide and boasted near-universal praise in its reviews.

Black isn’t listed to have any involvement, but film producers Ken Kao and Joel Silver are both attached to the new project, which has a script commitment plus penalty. You can watch the original Nice Guys trailer below, and see if anything about the reboot sticks.

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